Invest in fresh thinking

We are a new generation team that is well known to royalty and streaming investors and is ready to execute.


At Nomad,

we know that true wealth doesn’t only refer to the treasures you hold in your hand, but also to the wisdom and ingenuity needed to obtain those treasures. 

In our search for that wisdom, we’ve tapped into that ancient and ever-evolving dialogue between humans and nature. 

The ground we tread on is both our muse, our master and our most essential ally. 

We have dug deeper, discovered unexplored horizons and forged the ambition of new peaks. 

We’ve strayed from the pack to initiate new ideas and ways of doing business, based on principles of authenticity and respect. 

We are Nomad. A new generation of thinkers and explorers, supported by experience and driven by the desire to offer our partners and investors something better. 

Royalties & Streams

Nomad’s Approach

Investing in a royalty & streaming company comes with several benefits. The business platform enables Nomad and its investors to gain specific commodity leverage, enjoy stable & predictable operating margins, benefit from exploration upside & resource optionality at no additional cost, and payout strong & sustainable dividends, all while minimising exposure to mining-related risks.

Additionally, Nomad offers strong exposure to precious metals, having over 90% of its portfolio value coming from gold and silver. The portfolio is very well diversified with  15 total assets, of which 8 are already in the production stage. The production assets enable Nomad to pay one of the highest dividend in the royalty & streaming sector, with a current yield of 2.3%. Nomad has also taken a conscious decision to structure its business 100% onshore, minimising any future potential audit liabilities. Finally, the management team is very aligned with shareholders through its substantial share position.

Why invest with Nomad?


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