Nomad Royalty Company

The company

Nomad Royalty Company was co-founded by Vincent Metcalfe, Joseph de la Plante and Elif Levesque in 2020. The founders had a vision to create a new generation precious metals royalty and streaming company so that it could seize a great opportunity which they believe currently exists in the royalty and streaming market to build the next major royalty company and deliver significant returns to its shareholders along the way. With an experienced management team that is well versed in all aspects of the streaming business, a portfolio that generates significant free cash flow, meaningful scale and significant financial partners, Nomad has all the ingredients for success in terms of delivering on this vision and strategy.

When Nomad was created, above all, the founders wanted to build a business where they could think like owners first. To this end, senior management’s ownership represents 2.4% of the total shares issued and outstanding of Nomad, ensuring that every decision that they make, from acquisitions to dividends, is based on the near, medium and long term impact it will have on the business and Nomad’s share price. Furthermore, the three founders have further aligned themselves with shareholders by electing to receive the cash portion of their compensation in shares (or equity-based awards) for the first 12 months of operations following the initial listing. Compensation was also designed to be closely aligned with the company’s share price performance.

This state of mind is what allowed Nomad to drive its business forward despite very challenging conditions during 2020. Despite the global pandemic, and through highly uncertain and difficult market conditions, Nomad completed the graduation from TSX Venture to TSX, the acquisition of assets from the Orion group and Yamana Gold Inc. for a total value of US$333.3 million and a financing of $13.3 million. Nomad shares started trading on TSX under the ticker “NSR” on May 29, 2020 and the team has been executing the business plan since.

In the second half of 2020, Nomad initiated a competitive dividend policy, listed on OTCQX, increased its financial capacity through a revolving credit facility of up to US$75 million and completed four accretive royalty transactions.

The heavy-lifting is behind Nomad and it built a solid foundation upon which to continue to grow its business. Nomad now has a total of 15 royalty, stream and other interests, of which eight are on producing mines and are cash flowing, over $80 million available to deploy into new opportunities and are singularly focused on executing the company’s strategy. All of the ingredients that are crucial to continue on its growth trajectory are in place.

Environmental, social and governance

Nomad also wanted to bring environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) matters to the top of the list on which royalty and streaming companies can collaborate with the operators. Nomad is the first royalty and streaming company to include ESG incentives directly into its offer letters with the goal of becoming direct collaborators to improve either the carbon footprint of the operator or to be a part of stakeholder initiatives from day one of its implication.

Nomad thrives to become an investment of choice through its diversified portfolio of assets, competitive dividend policy, determination to become a real partner to operators to improve their ESG profile and its strong balance sheet.